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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Church o' Wazeth Mission Statement

This Church, a collection of people who wish to help you while they help themselves, is as varied and diverse as this world. We do not stand behind a theology, a single philosophy, a country, an action, or any one leadership. We are individuals, celebrating that very truth. We cannot teach you that there is a single standard that holds all truths -- but we can help you on the path to finding your own standard, and your own truth.

The Semi-Official Church o' Wazeth is here, because we are here. Because every time we want, we have a reason. Every time we feel, we have a reason. Every time we smile, cry, rage, regret, believe, desire, repent, scream, or love, we have a reason. We are a society asking each other to understand our reasons, to question ourselves, to dare to wonder at our own incredible value -- as well as of those around us.

There is no salvation guaranteed in the Semi-Official Church o' Wazeth. I cannot offer my hand and ask you to take it, saying that it will provide immortal life, or a ceaseless roaming to whatever spirit you feel you contain. This church cannot damn you or bless your actions through an omnipresent power. We do not strive to teach morality or fear, but only ask that you understand your own. We ask nothing of you, that is not you. We do not want to see you as a reflection of your society, but your society as a reflection of you. We do not offer any salvation from a higher power.

The only salvation we offer is the salvation you are willing to offer yourself.

The peace of mind you want, is attainable, not in a bottle or a book, but within you. It is yours; we only wish to help you discover it, and yourself.

posted by Wazeth | 12:11 AM |

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Well, it's finally happened. I've talked about it for years, and just yesterday I finally went through with it. I spent 4.5 hours in the shop last night, going from just a concept to this:

I'm really happy with it; it looks even better than what I had pictured.

The red highlights will fade to gray; that's just my shoulder saying 'Ow!'.

posted by Tim | 10:49 AM |

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Halloween: Witch Magic

Disclaimer: If some of the names below are unfamiliar to you, then you have not been visiting me enough! Come visit!

Over Halloween weekend, I helped install Johnny Muscat on Orcas Island. He’s living there now in a little cabin at the end of a rutted dirt road on the north side of Orcas. I spent the weekend with Johnny, Clint, Erin, Bryn, and Susan, the woman who owns the cabin. Susan is moving out to be a full-time caregiver for some old dude, so Johnny will have the cabin to himself in a couple weeks.

We spent the majority of the weekend cozy in the cabin, having a mellow time and helping Johnny to settle in. We played a lot of games with Bryn – she is nearly 6 and demands a lot of attention! "Hey, look what I can do!" "No! I don't like those fruit cups!" Half an hour later: "Mom, can I have a fruit cup?" Erin has a lot of work on her hands. But it was fun to be knocked out of stodginess and into silly -- playing hide & seek, running around, teaching her new things.

We did go out on Halloween to a pizza joint. I dressed as a pirate – a warm pirate with layers, since the island is so cold. I borrowed a Kat's red sash and Sam’s awesome floppy boots and wore them with my red vest and the striped pants and leather trim sweater I bought a couple months ago in Capitol Hill. Bryn wore her fairy princess dress. Clint decided to also be a pirate and chose as his costume a small knife with a metal sheath. Costume or Concealed Weapon? – you decide. Erin and Johnny were costumeless. Bryn got to trick-or-treat at the 2 stores we visited and at the pizza place. (It was her third Halloween night, so the small haul was not upsetting.) We were served a finger, ear, and eyeball rubber pizza while the real meal was baking. It was delicious.

The ferry rides were very cool. Clint, Johnny, and I played drums on the way there while Erin & Bryn danced. A woman joined in with a really interesting instrument – one of those wood blocks with raised strips of metal that you pluck, but there were two rows of metal strips. You can play harmonic notes with a single swipe, plus it adds a little percussive rattle. On the return boat, I grabbed two drums from the trunk, which made Clint sad -- our ferry boat drum trio was broken up when Johnny stayed on the island. But as we sat down and got started, a man approached and asked to play our extra drum. We pounded a round while the ferry left the dock, and when we came back to reality he turned out to be a friend from Clint’s island days – reunited after years apart, drumming to say hello.

So apparently drumming has become a big part of my life. I take Brooklyn's drum with me pretty much wherever I go besides work. I’ve been studying the knot patterns and I’m looking into buying materials to start making my own. At the cabin, I re-wove the tightening cord on Clint’s drum and gave it new crispiness.

I'm going to be visiting the island often. If anyone would like to come along sometime, please let me know. It's an exciting and magical place with acceleration and healing energy. Before whitey came, Orcas was the place area natives sent their sick to get well or die. They practiced air burials, placing the dead in canoes suspended in the Madrona trees.

posted by Tim | 10:46 AM |

Friday, October 15, 2004


Working in the doghouse is an exciting adventure, but in a month I will be leaving it behind. Just yesterday, I accepted a full-time salaried position at Flying Lab Software! Flying Lab’s office is over in Queen Anne, a cool neighborhood close to Seattle Center. (Hurrah for the taxing commute!) They’re currently working on an MMORPG called Pirates of the Burning Sea. I will be building their automated testing framework/process from the ground up. I’m so excited by this opportunity:

  • I’ve wanted to work in game development since forever (6th grade to now being, approximately, forever)
  • I’ve likewise always wanted to work with a small studio. I think it amplifies and promotes a close-knit team atmosphere
  • This position in particular marries my dream (game development) with my experience (automated testing)
  • Test automation is a pretty new development in games – hell, it’s a relatively new concept throughout the software industry. I suspect there might even be a book in this, somewhere down the line.
Wazeth was with me for my interview, and in the week leading up to it. I studied for a week for this interview -- if you know my study habits, you'll think that's wild. I intend to keep Wazeth with me until I stop.

I found Wazeth this weekend on Orcas Island. Orcas is amazing, and I will blog about it later.

posted by Tim | 7:57 PM |

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Ok so what the hell

So it was a few years ago when I joined a little group called Wazeth. I used to find support in strength from within the group. Today, like so many days before, I cannot sleep.

I think maybe I know why. I've lost my way again. Or maybe the path is hard to see because of the brush around it. Sitting here I feel incomplete. But looking around me I find there is nothing that I can think of that I need right now. I am fairly healthy. I have a stomach condition called gastro-esophugol-reflux disease, my back continues to heal from an accident one year ago where an unlisenced un insure (no they weren't Mexican) driver. My medical bills are paid. For the first time in almost 4 years i have a banking account. Actually I have 2 and am considering a 3rd. For the first time in my life I have not one but 2 bank acounts with multiples of thousands of dollars in them. I have a job that pays me well and gives me full medical benefits. I have 2 weeks of vacation pay coming to me soon that I'll put away. All of my debts are in the process of being paid. I live in a nice house with nice people and a nice cat, but right now I can not sleep. I think maybe I should talk to my doctor about possibly upping my dosage of prozac or maybe switching me to another medication. But the thing I think about the most is Amy.

if you don't know Amy she was my girl friend for abouot 3 and a half years. For about 2 years of that i was depressed out of my mind. My car accident made things between us too hard for her to take I guess. Depressing times combined with depression makes for a sad bastard boyfriend. I don't really know where I'm going with this. The Jesse of old right there folks. Going good and then loses his point. And that's the story of my life. It still feels like to me that maybe Amy was my point. Don't worry friends. I AM NOT SUICIDAL. I'm just a little sad right now. The one thing that I want is something I once had and now can't have . That hurts. I guess thinking in terms of possesions is what hurts. But Wazeth you remind me that there is a light or there will be a light or I am light or drink Miller Lite. I don't know. For some reason you give me faith that things are ok and will be ok. I love you all. PRAISE WAZETH!!!!

posted by Jesse | 2:08 PM |

Monday, August 16, 2004

Kingdom of Loathing!

Play Kingdom of Loathing and join Clan Wazeth! Fight goats and evil cans of asparagus! Arm yourself with balloon swords and sporks! Befriend leprechauns and helpful misquitos! Explore bat caves and the haiku dungeon! Fight your evil nemesis in the dark and dank sinister cave! Win lots of meat! Do it! Do it now!
posted by Sho | 2:32 PM |

Thursday, August 12, 2004

This just in D Moe defeats the shit out of Jesse

Check, check, check it out!

posted by Jesse | 7:26 PM |

Let's network Yall

So I think that the Wazeth crew needs to get up on Myspace. Connie, D, and I are all up on there already. Sign up today.

posted by Jesse | 2:34 AM |

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Holy 8-bit Glory!

Those fantastic fellows at Videlectrix have released the long awaited Peasant's Quest! Move around gloriously with the arrow keys and type in commands! 'Get berries' - oh no, they're smashed! 'Kill Trogdor' - he's the Burninator! Fun for the whole family!

posted by Tim | 10:36 AM |

Monday, August 02, 2004

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I piled into a pickup with 3 friends and drove down to Mt. Rainier National Forest. I rode in the bed of the truck and read a book; the other 3 were crammed into the front. Except for the noxious, eye-burning fumes through Fife, I think I actually had the best seat. It's a 3 hour drive down to Rainier, and only I could bend or stretch my legs at will. On the way there, we drove right through the middle of this -- though the drivers had already been taken away.

We stopped for a Smoke Break and some rock hopping along the glacial Nisqually and Paradise Rivers. While we were hanging out on the Paradise shore, we watched an adolescent duck shooting the rapids. Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Narada Falls warranted a quick stop, then we continued up to the lodge and trailhead at Paradise. We gained some 1000 feet in just over a mile of hiking. (I am in a lot better shape than I thought I was. Thank you, not smoking!) We turned back after a small break sliding on black trash bags down snow slides! In August! I don't think I've played in the snow since I left Pennsylvania. It was fantastic.

I grabbed a seat in the cab for the ride back. We stopped at a Denny's (because nothing else was open at 10) and I tried a Dagwood. Mmm, greasy goodness. 3 kinds of meat, 3 kinds of cheese, and eggs on delicious Boule bread. I gave the last few bites to the birds, but right now I wish I hadn't, on account of being really hungry.

I'm going stop at my garden on the way home; I'm sure there are some ripe zucchini waiting for me.
posted by Tim | 5:12 PM |